Consumer Products for Children

Consumer products designed for babies and small children require special care because children are so vulnerable. Whether we're looking at toys, car seats for infants or toddlers, baby carriers, or baby cribs, safety is a priority. And yet, there are so many ways in which children can be at risk.

The Dangers of Chocking Hazards

Dangerous Kids ToysEvery manufacturer of toys must be careful to avoid small parts that could separate from the toy. Buttons, for example, could be torn from a doll's dress. Other toys may simply include small parts, including board games. This is where the warnings about the child's minimum age are important.

Unsafe Materials in Toys

We all know that babies and toddlers put toys in their mouths. While these toys may be large enough not to qualify as a choking hazard, the quality of the material is important as well. Some years back, there was a recall for imported toys that contained lead in their paint, which could cause lead poisoning.

Different Types of Dangerous Toys

There are many more dangerous toys, including ride-on toys, tricycles, bicycles, and more. Some of these toys may not even be defective, but they can still endanger children because of how they are used. For example, children may ride their tricycles in the driveway and then suddenly move out into the street.

The Importance of Testing Consumer Products

Fortunately, consumer products are thoroughly tested before they can be sold. This means that potentially defective or dangerous products do not usually make it to the consumer.
The products are tested for proper design to ensure they function the way they are supposed to. They are also tested for proper manufacturing, so no weak links appear while the product is assembled. Finally, they are further examined to ensure that they have the necessary warning labels. In the case of children's products, this includes labels restricting their use to children above a certain age. And if incidents should occur in spite of all that testing and vetting, the problematic product is recalled.

If Your Child Has Been Hurt By An Unsafe Toy Our Consumer Protection Lawyers Are Here To Help

If you are injured by a defective or dangerous consumer product, it is vital that you seek attorney’s advice as soon as possible. The time to file these claims is extremely limited, and evidence to support your case will disappear with each passing day. The experienced Consumer Protection Lawyers at Foster Wallace, LLC can investigate the details of your claim and explain your next steps at no cost to you. Call our office today or fill out our online contact form to set up your free initial consultation with a Kansas City consumer protection attorney.

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