Kansas Drivers LicenseKansas does not revoke a driver's ability to drive a car at a certain age. However, Kansas laws do require a driver age 70 and older to renew their license in person; requires that they take both a written and vision test when renewing in person; and the DMV will accept requests to conduct an unsafe driver investigation of them. Also in Kansas, drivers ages 65 and older must renew every four years whereas drivers under 65 only have to renew their license every six years.

The Kansas DMV can add up to four restrictions to someone’s license at the discretion of a doctor or the license examiner. Those restrictions may include:

  • Daylight driving only
  • Corrective lenses required
  • No driving on the interstate
  • No driving outside business area
  • Driving within the city limits only
  • Mileage restrictions in increments of 5 miles – up to 30 miles total
  • Licensed driver in front seat required.
  • Prosthetic aid required
  • Automatic transmission required
  • Mechanical aid required

Kansas Driving Handbook

Kansas also provides a downloadable “Kansas Driving Handbook,” which includes a section on driving tips for seniors. If you need to report a driver that should not be driving, use the following form and return it to [email protected]: https://www.ksrevenue.org/pdf/DriverEvalRequest.pdf

Let’s please keep our roads safe from people who should not be on the road. We have had too many clients injured because of an elderly driver who should not have driving privileges.

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