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From the moment your business is formed, you and your shareholders face the risk of legal action. In addition to legal claims made by customers and the public, you are subject to state and federal laws, employment agreements, environmental regulations, and even the codes in your own founding documents. A mistake in one of your bylaws could allow you to be drawn into prolonged and costly litigation, or you may be forced to take action against another company for interfering with the operation of your business. When your business becomes embroiled in a lawsuit, you need experienced and tenacious representation to protect your life’s work.

Our Commercial and Business Litigation Attorneys Assist Commercial Clients Across All Industries

Foster Wallace, LLC offers a wide range of business and commercial legal services for corporate clients. In addition to providing ongoing legal counsel for day-to-day business operations, we advocate for your interests on any legal issue that might arise. Our business litigation team assists commercial clients across various industries, resolving claims against other companies, sole proprietors, government entities, or a group of individuals. It is our goal to address the unique needs of each client, protecting your rights as a business owner or officer while preserving the commercial and business relationships you worked hard to build.

Our business and commercial litigation attorneys represent owners and shareholders in disputes regarding:

  • Breach of Contract. A breach of contract caused by financial problems, late deliveries, or refusal to complete the services in a timely manner can cause frustration and losses for all parties. If a person or company did not fulfill the terms of an agreed-upon contract, we can help seek redress under Missouri contract law and the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). 
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty. Under Missouri law, all company officers and directors have a fiduciary duty to serve their financial and corporate interests in good faith. We can intervene if a professional within or contracted to the company has misused funds or engaged in inappropriate financial conduct.
  • Tortious Interference. This Missouri law provides legal remedy for individuals and businesses who have suffered financial losses due to someone’s intentional interference with business operations or a contractual relationship with a third party. Tortious interference may include a vendor’s intentional failure to fulfill an order for materials or services, an individual using pressure or influence to discourage a vendor from doing business with you, or selling items to your customers below market value in order to pull business from you.
  • Negligent Misrepresentation. Missouri law recognizes two kinds of business fraud: intentional misrepresentation and negligent misrepresentation. While intentional misrepresentation relies on the party’s explicit knowledge of a false claim, negligent misrepresentation involves false claims where the speaker was ignorant of the truth (or failed to learn the truth) of the claim while financially benefiting on the supposed truth. 

Don’t Wait to Seek Advice on a Potential Business Litigation Problem

No matter how adept you are at leading your own business, there may still be areas of business law that pose a potential threat to your success. Too often, business owners will not address a dispute or threat of litigation until a suit is filed. Unfortunately, waiting to hire an experienced legal advisor is ultimately more costly than seeking an attorney’s advice early on.

The first step in preparing for any business dispute should always be to engage an attorney immediately, whether or not a lawsuit has already been filed. If you need to file or defend against a commercial lawsuit, our attorneys can protect your company by:

  • Taking immediate action. Some companies may be able to avoid legal action with early intervention, such as an invitation to mediation or the possibility of negotiating an amicable settlement. If someone has brought or threatened legal action, we can review the facts of the case and provide you with your best options to respond to the problem.
  • Preserving your reputation. Any legal dispute has the potential to negatively impact your business, especially if the problem is publicized. We can address public relations problems and seek redress for financial damage caused by decreased sales and customer confidence.
  • Minimizing losses. A drawn-out legal case takes the focus off your daily operations while increasing your expenses, putting a strain on your company’s bottom line. We work to minimize company costs at every turn, constantly negotiating settlements that offer fair compensation and faster resolution. However, we will not fail to take a client's case into court and even though the appellate process if it’s the best way forward. 
  • Avoiding future litigation. A proactive approach is the best way to avoid future legal trouble. Our attorneys can perform a thorough review of your organization and its practices, identifying any problems that could leave you vulnerable to further legal action.

You Need An Experienced Business Litigation Lawyer On Your Side.

When it comes to resolving a business dispute, it pays to work with experienced commercial and business litigation attorneys who will arm you with the information you need to make critical decisions while fiercely representing your interests.. Contact us online or call our Kansas City office directly at 816.249.2101 to schedule your free consultation.

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"Over the last few weeks I have had the opportunity and pleasure of communicating with Brian and Michael in regards to a business dispute. They made a tremendous effort to listen very carefully to my situation, and to do the research needed to form an educated (and experience based) opinion on the subject matters. Based on what I have seen from these two, they do a very thorough job while bringing years of experience to the table. You can't go wrong with Foster Wallace!"
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