Dogs are beloved companions, but they require proper training and handling, especially large dogs. A dog owner must be able to control the dog to prevent injury to others, and a dog does not have to be aggressive to cause injuries. An overly excitable dog can cause injuries without meaning to, for which the owner can be liable in Missouri. According to a report from the CDC, every year over 76,000 people go to the emergency room because of a fall caused by a dog. Some of these falls are accidental, but others were preventable if the dog’s owner was paying better attention and taking proper precautions. large dog

Non-Aggressive Dog Attacks

At Foster Wallace, LLC we understand the physical and emotional trauma that can result from a non-aggressive dog attack. We have previously represented multiple victims of injuries caused by dogs that did not involve a dog bite. Dogs can jump on you or knock you over, resulting in broken bones. A dog could run out in front of your bike or cause another type of accident inadvertently. Any of these cases are considered a non-aggressive dog attack.

Children are at a higher risk of injury from non-aggressive dog attacks. They can be startled by animals that bark aggressively, causing them to fall, or chase them into the street. Children’s smaller size means even small and medium-sized dogs can cause significant injury unintentionally.

Non-aggressive dog injuries can result in serious damage and high medical costs. Common injuries include broken bones, nerve damage, facial injuries and disfigurement, torn ACLs and MCLs in the knee, traumatic brain injury, and even spinal cord injury.

Compensation for Your Dog Attack Case 

If you or a loved one have suffered from a non-aggressive dog attack throughout the state of Missouri, you may be entitled to compensation. To ensure the best outcome for your case it is important to speak with an experienced Missouri personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the attack to ensure that all the evidence, facts and circumstances of your case are documented in a timely manner. An experienced dog bite attorney should be gathering evidence, including interviewing witnesses and obtaining testimony; negotiating with the dog owner’s insurance company and locating any insurance that may cover such claim; obtaining medical documentation of your injuries; and representing you in court.

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