Our client was bit by a dog in May 2021 in Sikeston, Missouri. This was not the first time this dog had bitten. Our client was staying at a friend’s house while her house was being remodeled. This aggressive dog, in an unprovoked attacked in the middle of the night, jumped onto our client’s bed and bit her in multiple places over her body including her face. She was transported to a hospital in St. Louis, Missouri where they performed plastic surgery on her lips.

A year after the attack, our client reached out to Foster Wallace, LLC after seeing our dog bite results online. After sending multiple letters to the dog owner along with a draft petition that we planned to file, the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance company reached out to us stating they would cover this dog bite claim.

Foster Wallace engaged two experts - a life care planner based in the Kansas City, Missouri area and a plastic surgeon at John Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland – to testify on our client's behalf and they both drafted reports as we instructed them to do. After making a demand for the policy limits, the insurance company asked if our client would be willing to settle for less than the policy limits. We declined their settlement overtures and they eventually agreed to pay the policy limits of $500,000.00 for our client’s injuries and pain and suffering, along with $5,000 of Medical Payment coverage that the policy included.

Our client is absolutely thrilled with the result and the result has changed her life significantly because of the dog owner's negligence. After the case was over, our client stated the following:

“Without this team, I honestly do not know what I would have done. They were with me from day one! If you’re looking for an honest, gentle, down to Earth, humble, compassionate, caring firm… go with Foster Wallace!! They made me feel like my case and my feelings were number one from the very first phone call! I will always have a special place in my heart for Foster Wallace.”