Foster Wallace recently settled a car wreck for an individual who was injured in June 2020 on US 160 in Butler County, Missouri. In this case, the at-fault part failed to stop at the stop sign and ran into our client. The party who hit our client claimed to police that she stopped at a stop sign. Foster Wallace was able to obtain a witness statement from a third-party witness who verified that the other driver failed to stop and corroborated our client's story. After multiple visits to her doctor, our client now feels 100% healthy. The at-fault driver's insurance company paid our client the policy limits of her insurance coverage. Because the hospital bills exceeded the amount of insurance coverage available, Foster Wallace used Missouri's hospital lien statute to not only recover damages for our client but also to take care of all the hospital bills and liens incurred in the wreck. Our client was very satisfied with the result.

Policy Limit