Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) After a Dog Bite

We hear all the time form our clients who have unfortunately been bit by a dog the emotional toll the attack took on them. We hear they are afraid to walk down the street or even get startled if they hear a dog bark. These dog attacks can have a significant psychological impact on victims, especially children. The trauma of being bitten by a dog can lead to feelings of even anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. We have talked to numerous clients who we have had to help them find therapists for treatment.  The feelings that the dog bite victims may have can easily be exacerbated by the physical injuries sustained in the attack. Some of our clients who have been bit by a dog have told us that they have experienced depression, difficulty sleeping, flashbacks, and even bite

How a Kansas City Dog Bite Lawyer Can Help You

In the past, our Kansas City based personal injury law firm has helped our dog bite clients by:

  • Assessing the psychological impact of the dog bite, assisting that client get the treatment they need through our referral network, and including those damages in the claim for compensation.
  • Helping the victim understand their legal rights and options based on the state law (typically Kansas and Missouri) where they were bit.
  • Gathering evidence that the dog had aggressive tendencies the dog owner should have known about before the attack.
  • Get evidence that the dog had previously attacked before.
  • Filing a claim and negotiating with all requisite insurance companies that would provide compensation for the attack.
  • Helping the dog bite victim navigate through the confusing court process, including any trials or hearings that may have to occur to approve a settlement (most likely in the event a minor child was bitten in the attack).
  • Working with the authorities to ensure that the dog is not a danger to others in the future.

Most insurance adjusters who review dog bite claims on behalf of insurance companies do understand that a dog bite can take an emotional toll on its victim, but it is very important to be seen by a therapist if the victim does truly have PTSD or some other anxiety-based disorder, so they get it properly diagnosed. We will routinely take those diagnoses and present them to the insurance adjuster to ask for more money from the insurance company.

It is important to note that having great legal representation can help the victim to feel more secure and confident as they navigate the legal process and provide them with the necessary resources to recover from the incident. The Kansas City dog bite lawyers at Foster Wallace, LLC have handled countless dog bite cases throughout the country and offer free consultations for victims and their families to answer any questions they may have about their case even if they later decide not to engage a lawyer. Like any personal injury case Foster Wallace, LLC takes on, we only charge a fee if we collect for you and cover all necessary expenses.

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