I contacted Foster Wallace a few weeks ago to get some advice about a potential case my fiancee and I had. Initially, we were seeking answers to a few questions before signing any type of settlement agreement with an insurance company. After talking to Brian the first time, not only was he extremely knowledgeable and helpful, he made me feel that he was being 100% honest with me about our potential case. After reviewing more information and talking to him more (which he always returned phone my calls and emails as soon as he could), he informed me of our great chance of success... but also warned of a slight risk. He spent much more time talking to me without cost than I had ever expected from any attorney. He led me to a smart choice without ever charging me for his phone time. While I didn't end up choosing to hire an attorney due to the slight risk he warned of (although if true, would've been a disaster for my fiancee and me), if the need arises for an attorney in the future, he will definitely be my number one go-to attorney and I will recommend him and his partner to anyone should they ever need an attorney or an attorney's advice or help. Contacting him was the best decision I could've made for myself and my fiancee and I am so appreciative of everything. Mostly, however, I am grateful there are still people like him that believe in being an honest and fair person, especially to someone that doesn't have many resources or money. Definitely five stars all the way around!!!Melanie White