At Foster Wallace, we are not settlement attorneys—we are trial attorneys. This means that we prepare every case for trial. Of course, we will always negotiate aggressively for settlement, but we will never handle a case with the sole intention of settling. We plan for trial.

Granted, only a small percentage (4-5%) of personal injury lawsuits actually go to trial. But we feel it is imperative to prepare every case as if it will be one of the few that does. There are several advantages to this. For example:

  • We are never unprepared for trial
  • We approach your case more aggressively
  • It incentivizes the party at fault to offer settlement
  • It is the most effective way to hold the party at fault responsible
  • It helps you receive the maximum compensation for your damages, even if accomplished through settlement

Planning for Maximum Compensation

There are many attorneys who work very hard negotiating a settlement and planning not to go to trial. We call them “settlement attorneys”—not because they are skilled at negotiating settlements, but because they plan for you to “settle” for less damages than you deserve so you do not have to prepare for trial.

At Foster Wallace, we will negotiate aggressively for settlement, but we will always prepare for trial. So often, it is not preparing for settlement that ensures maximum compensation, it is preparing for trial.

Contact Foster Wallace today. We will prepare you for trial and will not “settle” for anything less than what you deserve.