Age Discrimination Laws in Missouri Both the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (“ADEA”), the Missouri Human Rights Act, and the Kansas Age Discrimination in Employment Act protect workers over 40 from age discrimination. Employers may not limit, segregate or classify an employee on the basis of being aged between forty and seventy. Some employers may consider you or your work to be outdated because of your age. Sometimes your employer may blame this on your performance when it is really your age. Some employers have even fired older workers because that worker no longer fit the “company brand.”

Examples of age discrimination may include:

  • Younger workers are held to different standards than older workers.
  • Older workers get more or less favorable treatment than younger workers with the same job.
  • During company lay-offs, only the older employers were laid off while the more inexperienced younger employees were not.
  • Offensive remarks about a person’s age.
  • You were terminated because of your age.
  • Employees are segregated or classified differently because of their age.
  • Certain conditions of employment were forced on you because of your age.
  • You were fired because your employer wanted to pay younger employees lower wages.

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