Dog Bite & Injury

Getting Compensation for a Dog Bite Injury

You have been bitten and injured by the dog of someone you are very close to, whether that is a close friend, relative, or neighbor. You need to understand that there is no reason not to contact an attorney to help you get compensated for your injuries. We understand you may be worried that by pursuing a claim, you think you may be damaging a relationship with your friend, relative, or neighbor. More often than not, however, your neighbor or friend’s homeowners or renters insurance policy covers your claim so your friend, neighbor, or family member will not truly come out of pocket for the injuries you sustained. And more likely than not, you went to an expensive emergency room visit so they could treat your wounds and do testing to confirm you do not have rabies or other diseases. You may even have a scar that will continuously remind you of the horror you experienced when you were attacked by this dog. Most of our clients also report anxiety and PTSD symptoms after they have been attacked by a dog. All of these issues are no laughing matter and there is nothing wrong with forcing your friend, neighbor, or family member’s homeowners insurance policy to pay for what you experienced. You likely can explain this your friend, neighbor, family about what you are doing and let their insurance company and your attorney work out a settlement that compensates you for what you have experienced.

If you were the victim of a dog bite, obtaining full compensation should absolutely take priority over your concern that making an injury claim will harm your relationship with the dog’s owner. Just think, if your dog attacked one of your friends, wouldn’t you want your insurance company to compensate your friend for what happened? Dog bites are no laughing matter and cause tremendous damages for which you should receive compensation for.

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