When there are serious injuries and multiple drivers blaming others after a car accident it is hard to know who to believe. This is especially true if there is not any video of the accident or any uninterested third-party witnesses to the accident. This is why, if the injuries are serious enough, your attorney should consider working with an accident reconstructionist who can help determine what exactly happened to build a better case against the other party (or potentially parties). An accident reconstruction is a process that law enforcement and traffic engineers use to gather and analyze evidence to determine how the accident happened and who was at fault for the accident.

What Does an Automobile Accident Reconstructionist Do?

automobile reconstructionistAn automobile accident reconstructionist looks at and analyzes all available information related to the accident, including data from EDRs, skid marks, eyewitness testimony, photographs etc. to try to determine what exactly caused the accident and how it happened. As the other driver’s insurance company will likely dispute their insured’s liability in a crash, it is best to hire a reconstructionist to help prove your case if the damages are high enough. Because of the expense of hiring a reconstructionist, it does not make sense if the injuries are not severe enough.

Have You Been Injured in a Kansas City Car Accident?

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