Kansas City Pedestrian Accidents 

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable travelers on Kansas City roads. With no external protection, they are at the mercy of drivers, motorcyclists, and bikers as they cross streets, walk down sidewalks, and walk through parking lots. When a pedestrian obeys traffic rules and is hit by a car or other vehicle, the driver should be held responsible for compensating them for their losses. At Foster Wallace, our pedestrian accident lawyers protect the rights of pedestrians to recover damages from negligent drivers in Kansas and Missouri. If you or your child was seriously injured or killed in a pedestrian crash, contact our team for a free consultation about your case. 

Where Pedestrian Accidents Happen in Kansas City

Nearly 7,000 pedestrians are killed annually, and 55,000 more are injured in accidents nationwide. One in six people who die in motor vehicle crashes is a pedestrian. These are scary statistics to anyone who walks from one place to another. While pedestrians must always obey traffic laws and be alert to their surroundings, they shouldn’t be blamed if a driver's carelessness causes injuries. Some of the most common places pedestrian crashes occur include:

  • Urban areas. Downtown areas where many cars meet many people are high-risk areas for pedestrian accidents. In restaurant districts, there is also an increased risk of drunk drivers failing to yield to pedestrians.
  • Remote crosswalks. While walkers are often hit at intersections, they are also struck in marked crossings away from major crossroads because drivers do not expect to see them. 
  • Parking lots. With so many cars backing up and whipping into coveted spots, pedestrians are an afterthought to many drivers in parking lots. Even at low speeds, deadly pedestrian crashes can happen in an intersection.
  • Neighborhoods. Whether your area has sidewalks or not, people pulling into and backing out of driveways may fail to see pedestrians.
  • Anywhere at dusk or full dark. The chances of being hit while walking increase exponentially when visibility is low. Drivers should be extra-aware of pedestrians at night.
  • Anywhere in bad weather. Rain, fog, and snow make it hard for drivers to see pedestrians and make it difficult to stop in time, even if they do see you. 

Of course, you can and should do things to protect yourself as a pedestrian, such as watching for cars, wearing light colors, and always assuming that a driver doesn't see you. But if a negligent driver hits you, you should take steps to hold them accountable.

Children Are at High Risk of Pedestrian Injury

Kids are almost defenseless when it comes to run-ins with cars. Their lack of awareness of the dangers of vehicles makes children particularly susceptible to being hit by cars, and their small size puts them at risk of severe and even fatal injuries. Children are most likely to be struck:

  • In school zones
  • Near playgrounds
  • In front of their houses
  • In their driveways
  • In parking lots

It is everybody's job to work together to keep children safe, and a driver might not be liable if a child darts in front of their car with no warning. However, if a driver is distracted, inattentive, or careless and hits a kid, they should be held accountable.

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