Foster Wallace obtained Court approval for a settlement for the defendants' policy limits of $1,000,000 arising out of a car wreck involving a young mother that occurred in Belton, Missouri. Tragically, the married mother of three passed away after spending over two months in the hospital, leaving behind three young children and her husband.  The decedent's husband hired our firm to pursue claims arising out of the wreck, including for wrongful death.  The decedent was turning left at a stoplight when another party going through the intersection collided with the decedent. The facts were disputed and the defendants did not admit liability but through Foster Wallace's investigation, we obtained enough evidence, including video from a neighboring grocery store and electronic data from both cars, to convince the defendants and their insurance company to offer up the full policy limits of $1,000,000. While our client is obviously distraught about the loss of his young wife and mother, he was very happy that we were able to obtain this result for him and his family.


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