In this case, Foster Wallace received a call from the client a few days after a summer 2020 car wreck that took place on I-435 in Kansas City, Missouri. The wreck led our client to go to the emergency room a day after the wreck with back pain. What complicated matters was that our client, a passenger in the vehicle that was struck, was not even listed on the police report and the insurance company denied complete liability. Our client hired us and we were able to investigate the case quickly.

Our client’s case was further complicated as she had an unrelated surgery on her foot just months after the car wreck that delayed a lot of her back treatment. Eventually, however, it was determined that she needed a surgery for the back pain she was experiencing. Our client eventually underwent a L5-S1 fusion and L5-S1 bilateral laminectomy, foraminotomy, and medial facetectomy.

Because the insurance company would not offer much, if any money, our law firm filed suit in Jackson County, Missouri - Independence. After the discovery process concluded and after expert witness depositions were taken, the case settled at mediation for $1,100,000.00. This was a life changing result for our client. Our client is thrilled with the result and what this means for her future.