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Our Overland Park, Kansas, Personal Injury Law Firm

Overland Park is not just a hub of the Kansas City metropolitan area; it is also a place steeped in its own rich history and culture. Founded in 1960, Overland Park has grown from a suburb with roots in agriculture to a bustling city filled with family-friendly attractions, a vibrant business community, and lush green spaces. Overland Park is the second-most populous city in Kansas and offers residents and visitors alike a high quality of life with its numerous parks, soccer fields, and botanical gardens.

Overland Park is also known for its accessibility, being well-connected to various points within the Kansas City Metro area through a network of major highways and roads. Spanning approximately 75 square miles, Overland Park serves as a vital component of the greater Kansas City area.

Wherever You Go, Accidents Happen 

Whether you’re sharing the road with other cars, biking through our extensive trail systems, walking in our neighborhoods, or utilizing public transport, safety is fundamental. However, accidents can and do occur, sometimes due to the negligence of others. From car wrecks on I-435 to incidents in the busy shopping areas like Oak Park Mall, unexpected injuries can disrupt your life.

At Foster Wallace, our personal injury attorneys are well-versed in the unique aspects of Overland Park’s local laws and are ready to provide expert legal representation to those who have suffered from vehicle accidents, pedestrian mishaps, slip and fall injuries, and other unfortunate incidents. Our mission is to achieve full and fair restitution for our clients, ensuring compensation for your medical costs, lost earnings, and non-economic damages like pain and suffering.

Our commitment is to your wellbeing, and initiating your legal claim is a vital step. To get started, schedule a free, no-obligation consultation at our office. You can find us at our convenient Kansas City location. Contact us by phone or through our website to book your visit.

Directions to Our Kansas City Office From Downtown Overland Park, Kansas 

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Our office is located at 4700 Belleview Ave. Suite 304, Kansas City, Missouri.