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Have you or a member of your family been bitten by a dog in Kansas City, Missouri? If it was not your own dog and you were injured, be sure to talk to a dog bite attorney right away. It is important for the lawyer to gather the evidence quickly, which will include information from witnesses and animal control reports.

missouri dog bite laws

You dog bite lawyer will also let the dog owner’s insurance company know about the claim. It is either generally the homeowners or renters insurance policy that deals with such claims. You should also know that once an attorney is involved, the insurance company is not allowed to talk to you directly anymore and must talk to your attorney instead.

At your Kansas City personal injury law firm, Foster Wallace, LLC, we have plenty of experience with dog bite cases and will be glad to assist you. We will work hard at helping you get compensated fairly for your injuries as well as for the traumatic experience that comes with getting bit by a dog. We understand that getting bit by a dog is serious and sometimes comes with it scars and marks that will forever remain on your body as a reminder of the incident.

The City of Kansas City, Missouri, has a Code of Ordinances that discusses dog ownership and dog bites in Chapter 14. Kansas City’s Code of Ordinances includes extensive definitions and requirements, particularly for dangerous dogs. Here are some of the key rules involving dogs in Kansas City, Missouri that you should know:

Dogs Are Not Allowed to Run at Large in Kansas City

The key to preventing dog attacks is the prohibition against dogs running at large. And in section 14-33, the Code clearly states that dogs are not permitted to run at large, regardless of whether they are considered dangerous or not, and that they must be enclosed (in a house or a fenced-in yard) or controlled (for example by a leash) at all times. The only place where dogs are allowed to run at large is within an "off-leash dog area" such as a "dog park" established for exactly that purpose.

Pit Bulls are Allowed in Kansas City

Kansas City does not have a ban or restriction on pit bulls but according to section 14-60 of the Code, the city does compel that pit bulls be spayed or neutered.

Dangerous Dog Laws in Kansas City

In section 14-29, Kansas City Code distinguishes between dangerous dogs and potentially dangerous dogs. The rules for them are slightly different, as are the consequences of various violations of the code.

Both types of dogs require their owners to carry liability insurance. However, dangerous dogs require a minimum of $250,000 in coverage, whereas potentially dangerous dogs only require a minimum of $100,000.

Section 14-29-b-14 further states that if a dog classified as dangerous bites a person, it must be impounded and destroyed in an expeditious and humane manner.

Restraint and Muzzling Requirements in Kansas City

The “restraint and muzzling” section (4) states that both dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs must be muzzled when they are taken out of their proper enclosure, and restrained by a substantial chain or leash not longer than 48 inches. They also must be under the physical control of a person 18 years of age or older, who is capable of restraining such an animal.

Clearly, Kansas City has an extensive set of rules in place to ensure that dogs are not a menace to the city’s population. And if any of those rules are violated, they will be dealt with in a way to remedy the situation. The onus of making sure that their dogs do not harm anyone lies squarely on the owners. And their mandatory insurance coverage will help pay for damages suffered by anyone who us bitten by the dog.

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