Getting Medical Attention After a Car Accident 

It is very important that after you have been injured or in a car wreck to get immediate medical attention rather than waiting weeks or even months to see if your injuries get better on their own or because of a natural reaction of denying that anything serious could be wrong with you. If you fail to get immediate care after you have been injured in a wreck, the insurance company will use it against you in court or when you try to settle your case. Insurance adjusters look for reasons not to pay you the true value of your case. When you have not quickly sought medical care after an injury or wreck, the insurance company (or the other driver’s attorney) will undoubtedly argue that if you were really injured you would have immediately went to the doctor and are therefore “faking” it. They may even argue that it was only after you hired an attorney that you sought treatment, suggesting that the attorney sent you to the doctor so that he or she could argue you have a higher amount of economic damages.

Medical Attention After A Car AccidentIt is also very important to continuing to return to follow-up visits and return for further evaluation. If your physician refers you to further testing or to physical therapy, it is important that you go to those appointments and follow your doctor’s instructions. If you do not follow your doctor’s recommendations, it gives the insurance company the chance to argue that your injuries are insignificant. If there are long periods of time between when you first saw a doctor and then returned to the doctor, the defendant’s attorney or the insurance adjuster will argue that you must not have serious injuries or the second visit was related to something other than the reason for your first visit (like you reinjured yourself doing something else). They will use these arguments to not pay you what you deserve for your injuries. It is therefore key to see your doctor, follow his or her instructions, and tell them everything that is bothering you so it is properly documented in your medical records. Those records will be key when it is time to settle your case.

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