Amazon Delivery Driver Delivering a PackageAmazon requires an extensive network of delivery drivers to deliver more than 1.5 million packages daily. Most of these deliveries happen safely. However, serious Amazon delivery accidents do occur, and when they do, they present unique challenges. You deserve to know the obstacles that may arise when suing Amazon for a motor vehicle accident and effective strategies to overcome those obstacles.

Challenges You May Face After an Amazon Accident

After an accident with an Amazon delivery vehicle or any other vehicle, you need to prove who caused the crash and the value of your damages. Any car accident case can be complicated, but our car accident lawyers have found that Amazon accidents often present unique challenges because:

Amazon Hires Independent Contractors to Deliver Packages

The Amazon drivers you see driving around your neighborhood may not be Amazon employees. Instead, these drivers may be independent contractors. They may work independently or for small businesses that contract with Amazon Flex.

If you've been in a crash with an Amazon driver, you need to know:

  • Who employs the driver
  • Whether the driver was working at the time of the crash
  • Who insures the driver
  • Who may be liable for your accident damages

All of this information is necessary so that you and your car accident lawyer can pursue a fair recovery from the right parties.

Amazon Manages Delivery Drivers Closely

The driver who caused your crash may be an independent contractor. However, Amazon has specific rules for delivery drivers that could contribute to accidents. For example, Amazon:

  • Uses apps, cameras, and AI technology to monitor drivers' speed, braking, acceleration, seat belt usage, phone calls, texting, and even yawning.
  • Requires dozens of packages to be delivered in just a few hours. The failure to deliver packages quickly enough could impact a driver's ability to pick up additional shifts.

While these things may seem like smart business decisions that allow Amazon to monitor safety and productivity, they also pressure drivers and cause serious accidents. Accordingly, Amazon's delivery driver management practices could be relevant to your car accident case, and liability issues may be complex.

Amazon Has the Resources to Defend Legal Claims Vigorously

Amazon has the financial resources, skilled lawyers, and the corporate interest to defend itself against legal claims. This can create an uneven playing field. As Amazon lawyers try to avoid liability, you may be overwhelmed with documentation requests and legal motions.

How to Overcome Obstacles After an Amazon Motor Vehicle Crash

Amazon accidents present unique challenges, but you can overcome these challenges with the help of an experienced Amazon accident lawyer. Our experienced Kansas City accident attorneys know how to:

  • Investigate complex cases
  • Identify the right defendants
  • Get and protect necessary evidence
  • Negotiate with insurers
  • Fight for your rights in court, if necessary

We can handle your legal needs and protect your fair compensation while you concentrate on your physical and emotional recoveries.

What You May Recover in a Successful Amazon Accident Case

So far, we've identified why Amazon accident cases can be challenging and why you need an experienced car accident lawyer to help you. However, before you decide to pursue an Amazon motor vehicle case, you deserve to know what your potential compensation may include. If your case is successful, you may recover:

  • Reimbursement for medical expenses. You may seek compensation for past, present, and future medical costs if you're hurt. These expenses encompass a wide range of medical services, including hospitalizations, diagnostic tests like x-rays or scans, surgeries, doctor visits, physical therapy, medications, and necessary medical equipment.
  • Compensation for lost income. You may have the right to recover any income, or partial income, you could not earn because of the accident. This includes wages, overtime pay, benefits, bonus payments, and income from self-employment. Lost income may also extend to future earnings or pensions affected by your inability to perform your previous job or work full-time.
  • Damages for pain and suffering. The Amazon accident may have caused you bodily pain, mental anguish, humiliation, and other types of suffering. You deserve fair compensation for all of your physical pain and emotional suffering.
  • Compensation for property damage. You can seek compensation for any accident damage to your vehicle or its contents.

In exceptional cases involving highly reckless behavior, punitive damages can be awarded to punish the negligent party. However, it's important to note that punitive damages are not available in all cases and require the defendant's conduct to demonstrate an evil motive or reckless indifference.

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