Injuries After a Motorcycle Crash

Rider’s arm, also referred to as biker’s arm, is quite a common injury in motorcycle crashes. This kind of injury occurs when the upper arm nerves are damaged, typically when a rider’s motorbike falls on their arm in an accident.

Rider’s arm injuries aren’t caused by one specific type of motorbike accident. They can occur in any situation, and their severity depends on where the motorcycle lands on the arm as well as how the rider lands.

If you have a rider’s arm, you probably have incurred hefty medical bills, taken time off work, and have suffered no end of pain, agony and grief. As such, you should talk to both an attorney and doctor about your potential compensation.

Symptoms of rider’s arm include numbness, pain, and weakness in your arm after a motorcycle crash.

Understanding Rider’s Arm

Riders ArmRider’s arm occurs when a motorcyclist instinctively tries to soften a fall by stretching their arms straight out. As the motorbike lands on the stretched arm, internal damage can occur to one or more of these nerves:

Radial nerve controls the movement of muscles found at the back of the triceps, or upper arm. It also regulates the movement of fingers, wrists, and part of your hand.

Median nerve sends signals to muscles in the palm of the hand at the bottom of the thumb and to the front of your forearm. It’s sometimes known as the “laborer’s nerve”.

Ulnar nerve runs behind your elbow and controls the fine movements of your fingers. It’s often called the “musician’s nerves”.

The impact of this kind of motorcycle accident may cause a motorcyclist to suffer permanent damage to the nerves and the motorcyclist may lose all or some functions of their arm permanently. Some common kinds of motorcycle crashes resulting in biker’s arm include:

  • Blind spot accidents

  • Bad road accidents

  • Bad weather accidents

  • Construction zone accidents

  • Inexperienced rider accidents

  • Drunk riding accidents

  • Left turn accidents

  • Intersection accidents

  • Speeding accidents

  • Motorcycle malfunction accidents

Wearing protective gear like a tough jacket with elbow pads may potentially cut the risk of suffering rider’s arm, but the injury can still happen regardless.

It’s important to get medical attention after a motorcycle crash, regardless of how minor it may seem. If you believe you have suffered rider’s arm, get medical treatment promptly and then contact our attorney to assess your legal options. If you wait too long to see a doctor, the insurance company will likely try to argue that your accident caused the injury to your arm or may try to downplay the seriousness of the harm you suffered.

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