Foster Wallace recently settled a case for a young Bucyrus, Kansas woman who was outside of her car when an elderly man mistook the gas pedal for the brake pedal and hit her car while she was with her family having lunch at a Sonic Drive-In. Our client was outside of her minivan and walking to get her young daughter out of her car seat when the accident occurred. The elderly man hit the gas rather than the brake in his large SUV while in the Sonic parking lot, which then in turn then hit our client's minivan, knocking our client down and landing on her shoulder, hip, and knee.

The Aftermath

Many months after the initial fall our client had knee surgery that we were able to prove was attributable to the accident. The personal injury lawyers at Foster Wallace were able to secure our client $30,000 from the elderly man's insurance (he had minimum insurance coverage available and no assets). Foster Wallace was able to secure an additional $100,000 from our client's own insurance carrier by making an underinsured claim and arguing what law applied to the accident. After our client's own insurance company initially balked at settling the case at a fair number, it eventually settled the case for the underinsured policy limits based on testimony from one of our client's medical providers about the future care our client will need because of injuries sustained from the accident.

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