car accident attorneyA case was recently settled for a car wreck victim client of Foster Wallace's for the policy limits plus another $12,500 from our client's own insurance company through her underinsured motorist coverage This case arose out of an automobile wreck that occurred in September 2020 on US 36 at its intersection with BU 36, Cameron, Dekalb County, Missouri.  Our client was traveling west on US 36 and as she crossed BU 36, the inattentive other driver, who was headed north on BU 36, negligently failed to yield the right of way and pulled out into the highway immediately in front of our client's vehicle.  The other driver's negligence caused a collision between the vehicles which forced our client's car off the road and into a stop sign, breaking the stop sign off at the base.  Fortunately, our client had been wearing her seatbelt at the time. After a visit to the emergency room and two months of chiropractic treatment to fix the issues she had with her back, our client made a demand to the insurance company and it was settled to her liking.  

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