Missouri Bike Accident Lawyers 

If you have been hit by a car while walking, biking, or using a scooter in Raytown, Missouri you are likely to be significantly injured because you did not have the protection of an automobile. Even at lower speeds, pedestrians and cyclists struck by cars in Raytown, Missouri can suffer lifelong or fatal injuries—and these accidents are increasing as biking and scooters emerge as means of leisure and transportation in Raytown, Missouri.

Who Is at Fault When a Car Collides with a Pedestrian or Cyclist in Raytown, Missouri?

Oftentimes, a car driver will blame the pedestrian or cyclist for being in the street and not looking out for his or her own safety. You may need a human factors expert who can help establish that you simply could not react quickly enough to get out of the way of a speeding automobile. 

Bike and scooter accidents usually come from either a defect in the roadway or being hit by a car. Most often than not, the negligence rests with either the biker, the motorist, and/or the governmental entity that is responsible to maintain the road. 

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