The truth is, it is impossible to know what any case is worth until we conduct a full investigation, you complete your physician’s recommended treatment plan, and we understand the full extent of your injuries and damages. In fact, any personal attorney who places a value on your case before they investigate all the factors that may impact your award is simply not being honest. Here’s why.

When you are injured by someone else’s negligence, you may be compensated for:

  • Medical expenses.Your medical expenses will be everything you pay out-of-pocket for anything related to your injury. This could include hospital bills, the cost of rehabilitative care, in-home care services needed during recovery—any expense that you can demonstrate as resulting from your accident.
  • Lost wages or future earning capacity. If your accident causes you to be out of work, this is a cost for you that you may recover. If you are disables as a result of your injuries and cannot return to your normal employment, your lost wages may include future earnings that you could have earned had the other party not injured you.
  • Pain and Suffering. Your pain and suffering could continue long after you are out of the hospital and finished rehabilitation. You may require continued treatment for the residual effects of your injuries. You will not know the value of these damages until your treatment is completed and we have a full assessment of the extent of your injuries.

Although there are accidents and injuries on a daily basis, every case, injury, and recovery is different. Likewise, every personal injury award can be different. Because we want to obtain for you the maximum recovery that you deserve, we will not settle a case until we have determined the full extent of your injuries and the total value of your damages. Only then can we determine and demand appropriate compensation.

Other Factors That May Contribute To Your Personal Injury Settlement

In addition, there are other factors that may contribute to your settlement or personal injury award, such as the location of where your accident occurred and where we litigate your case. Every jury is different as well. The value of your damages to a jury in one county may be very different than the value a jury attributes to your injuries in another county.

Other factors that can significantly impact a jury’s award are the intangible variables that influence the sympathies of the jury members, such as the circumstances surrounding the accident and how the jury members feel about each party involved in the case. Juries may award very different damages to a victim who was injured by someone exhibiting road-rage or struck by a drunk driver than they would to a victim who was accidentally struck by a remorseful first-time driver. You should not settle or speculate about the value of your case until we have conducted a full investigation of the accident, deposed the other party who injured you, and accurately determine the full extent of your damages.

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For the attorney’s at Foster Wallace, you are worth more to us than what it will cost the other party to avoid litigation. We value the treatment you require, the recovery you achieve, and the quality of life you will enjoy in the future. If you have been injured in an accident, contact us for a free consultation and let us investigate all of the factors in your case. We will always fight for the compensation you deserve.