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Fight for Fair Compensation for Your Pedestrian Accident Claim With a Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyer

After enduring a pedestrian accident in Kansas City, finding a great personal injury lawyer is essential for your recovery. Pedestrians can be hit by all sorts of vehicles, including passenger cars and commercial trucks, resulting in significant medical bills and time off work. Victims of Kansas City pedestrian accidents have the legal right to seek fair compensation for their injuries. Choosing the right lawyer to represent your case must consider experience, empathy, and other factors. This decision holds immense weight and could dramatically impact the outcome of your injury claim. 

What to Consider When Hiring a Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Hiring a lawyer to represent your interests after a pedestrian accident is similar to choosing a Kansas City attorney for other personal injury cases. It’s an important choice and not one you should be taking lightly. While awards and accolades may seem enticing, it’s more important to choose a pedestrian accident lawyer with experience you can trust. 

Relevant Experience in Pedestrian Accident Claims

You may know an excellent attorney specializing in family law or estate planning, but they may not be the best choice in a personal injury lawsuit. It’s vital to hire a lawyer with specific experience in handling pedestrian accidents in Missouri. The laws set out to protect the legal rights of pedestrians are related to but separate from the laws governing motor vehicles. 

Specific experience relates not only to the knowledge of relevant laws but also to the judges and court procedures that may apply to your case. According to the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety, more than 100 pedestrians, cyclists, and other non-motorized road users are killed every year. 

If your loved one was struck and killed in a deadly pedestrian accident, a skilled Kansas City wrongful death lawyer can guide you through this devastating time. Wrongful death claims often require different expertise and experience than other personal injury cases. 

Client Testimonials and Reviews

To further evaluate a potential lawyer for your case, take the time to review relevant testimonials and reviews from past clients. You can often find these on the law firm’s website or through online listings. Pay close attention to diligence and process, as well as the actual case results.

In his review on Google, client Charles Davis applauded how the team at Foster Wallace “treat you just like family.” He was pleased with how Michael Foster visited him in the hospital several times and was impressed by the “great investigation work” to fight “all the way through for me.”

Proven Track Record With Case Results

A pleasant bedside manner doesn’t mean much if your pedestrian accident lawyer can’t deliver results. Look for an attorney with a proven track record of success. They should be diligent in evaluating the full value of each case and recovering costs like damaged bicycles after an accident. Your settlement should include all current and future expenses related to your case.

In one case, Foster Wallace represented a pedestrian struck by a vehicle in Belton while walking on the side of the road. The defense argued that he should not have been walking there. After securing video surveillance of the incident, the case concluded with a $167,500 settlement in favor of our client. 

Prompt and Comprehensive Communication

When you call the law office during regular business hours, do you find yourself playing voicemail tag with your attorney? Does your lawyer ignore the emails you send, and you keep having to follow up with them? These could be serious red flags. Whether it’s you or your child who’s been hurt in a pedestrian accident, you expect your lawyer to be responsive to your needs. Strong communication skills are integral to a positive attorney-client relationship. Look for a good rapport, a compassionate ear, and a strong sense that they are genuinely on your side. 

Professional Referrals and Recommendations

Personal recommendations can go a long way in choosing a Kansas City pedestrian accident lawyer you can trust. While you should not discuss case specifics, ask your family, friends, and coworkers if they know a personal injury lawyer. These personal connections give you access to first-hand experience. Similarly, if you already work with an attorney in a different legal area, ask for a referral to take on your pedestrian accident case. 

Fee Transparency and Cost Structure

Any reputable personal injury lawyer in Kansas City should offer an initial consultation for free. After a pedestrian accident, schedule a meeting to discuss your claim and ask any questions you may have. After this meeting, you should feel like you are not obligated to hire them for the job. For many personal injury cases, the law firm is not paid unless you successfully receive a settlement. Attorneys should be fully transparent with their fee structure and any costs that you may incur.  

What to Discuss During Your Free Consultation

It would be impossible to cover everything during your free consultation. Your main objective is to decide whether you want to continue working with this lawyer on your case. Some initial questions you may ask during this meeting include:

  • Do I have the legal grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit?
  • How would we go about proving liability in my pedestrian crash case
  • How long have you been practicing personal injury law?
  • Have you represented other clients in pedestrian accidents like mine?
  • Can you describe your fee structure and what services are included?
  • Are there any out-of-pocket expenses I should expect before settlement?
  • What costs or damages might I be eligible to recover?
  • Are you available for online or phone meetings, as well as in-person?
  • What material would you need from me to proceed with my claim?
  • Does your current caseload allow enough time to dedicate to my case?
  • What does the process of filing a claim like this look like?
  • How long can I expect the entire process to take?
  • Can you provide references from past clients?

Aside from these questions, pay attention to how the law office is run and organized. Did the receptionist greet you in a prompt and friendly manner? Was the lawyer on time for your appointment? Did they seem attentive, professional, and genuine in their interactions with you? Did you feel comfortable speaking with them about your case?

Hiring the Right Kansas City Lawyer for the Job

Choosing the right Missouri or Kansas lawyer to handle your personal injury case can feel difficult sometimes. Look for the right combination of positive rapport, relevant experience, and strong communication. In the end, it’s vital to hire a Kansas City lawyer you can trust completely. They can help you avoid common mistakes after your pedestrian accident and guide you toward a positive outcome. 

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