Our client recently secured a policy limits settlement after he was injured in a rear end collision on Missouri Route 291 in Liberty, Missouri. Our client slowed his vehicle down to let another vehicle change lanes in front of him but the driver behind him did not slow down and violently rear ended our client's vehicle, sending him to the emergency room at Liberty Hospital for pain in his lower back and neck.

What made this case interesting is that our client believed the other driver was committing road rage during the time his truck hit our client's and the term "road rage" made it into the police report. The other driver's insurance adjuster tried at first to use this against our client. Insurance policies will usually exclude cases involving intentional acts or “road rage.” In our case, however, we were able to prove that the other driver's actions were not intentional (though they may have been until he failed to brake fast enough) and his insurance company paid the policy limits after an R.S.Mo. 537.058 demand.

Our client could not have been happier with the result.

Michael Foster
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