It only takes a few seconds for a driver to cause a serious car accident. Crashes can occur in many different circumstances, but it’s important to know that injured drivers or passengers are legally entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering.

Common Types of Car Accidents

Common types of car accidents that can lead to personal injury claims filed by injured drivers or passengers include:

kansas city car accident attorneysHead-on collisions.

Head-on collisions involve the front end of one vehicle crashing into the front end of another. This is most often the result of drunk, drowsy, or distracted driving. However, a head-on collision can also occur if the driver experiences a medical emergency such as a seizure or heart attack.

Hit-and-run accidents.

Drivers who cause accidents may flee the scene because they are afraid of getting into trouble with the law for crimes such as driving while intoxicated or driving without a valid license. These types of personal injury cases present challenges, but you may be able to track the driver down with details such as the make and model of the vehicle or the license plate number.

Intersection accidents.

Failing to yield the right-of-way, ignoring traffic signs or signals, or making improper turns can lead to an intersection accident. Intersection accidents are often attributed to aggressive driving, such as when one driver speeds up to try to “make” the light.

Multi-vehicle accidents.

Accidents involving multiple vehicles often occur on crowded highways or freeways. It can be difficult to determine who caused the accident and multiple drivers are often found to be partially responsible. Fires caused by spilled fuel can cause additional complications.

Rear-end accidents.

A rear-end collision involves the front-end of one car crashing into the rear-end of another. In this type of accident, the driver who strikes the rear-end of another vehicle is almost always found to be at fault. Tailgating is the most common cause of this type of accident.

Road construction accidents.

Construction zones are confusing to navigate due to their unpredictability. Ignoring cones and signs, failing to notice stopped vehicles, and improperly merging are just a few of the errors that can lead to construction zone accidents.

Rollover accidents.

A rollover accident can occur when the driver turns the steering wheel suddenly to avoid an obstacle in the road. These types of accidents are normally single-vehicle crashes, but can involve others if the driver swerves to avoid another person’s actions.

Sideswipe accidents.

In this type of car accident, two vehicles are traveling in the same direction parallel to each other when their sides touch. If neither driver loses control, this type of accident may only result in minor injuries. However, serious injuries can occur if one or both drivers lose control of their vehicle.

T-bone accidents.

Also known as side-impact accidents, these types of crashes involve the front of one car striking the side of another. Typically, this type of accident is the result of failing to yield at an intersection. However, t-bone accidents can also occur in parking lots.

The risk of serious accident injuries increases with the speed of the vehicles, but common car accident injuries can include bone fractures, burns, cuts or lacerations, internal bleeding, organ damage, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). In the most severe cases, death or permanent disability occurs.

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