Our Kansas City Truck Accident Lawyers Use Black Box Data as Evidence in Truck Accident Cases

truck-on-highwayFoster Wallace, LLC, Kansas City truck accident lawyers help people injured in Kansas and Missouri truck accidents gather evidence, build strong cases, and recover fair damages. Black box data may be significant evidence as you pursue a fair recovery. Our experienced Kansas City truck accident attorneys are here to help you get the black box data so that you can get the compensation you deserve. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation after a truck wreck.

Trucks are equipped with an Event Data Recorder (EDR), commonly known as a black box. Black boxes are designed to record critical data, enhance safety measures, and provide invaluable insights into the events surrounding commercial truck accidents.

What's Included in Black Box Data

The black box captures essential information about what happens before and during a trucking accident, including but not limited to:

  • Vehicle speed
  • Brake usage
  • Acceleration patterns
  • Steering input
  • Time and date of the incident
  • Seat belt usage
  • Airbag deployment
  • Engine RPM
  • Hours of service compliance

Together, this data serves as a digital eyewitness, offering a detailed account of the moments leading up to and following a truck accident.

How to Get Black Box Data

Trucking companies are often reluctant to release black box data willingly as it may incriminate their drivers. Therefore, they are unlikely to provide black box data just because you ask.

Instead, an experienced Kansas City truck accident lawyer will need to request the black box information as evidence in your personal injury lawsuit. An attorney can pursue legal avenues such as subpoenas and court orders to compel the trucking company to turn over the black box records. 

Our experienced truck accident attorneys can ensure that black box data is preserved. Specifically, your Kansas City truck accident lawyer will quickly issue a spoliation letter to prevent the trucking company from tampering with or destroying the black box data.

What Happens Once You Have Black Box Data

After the EDR, or black box, data has been secured as evidence, your legal team needs to get the information from the EDR and analyze it.

Black Box Data Extraction

Your attorney will collaborate with experts to extract and interpret the data. This step requires technical expertise. Truck accident lawyers often work with accident reconstruction specialists, engineers, and other professionals to ensure the information stored in the black box is retrieved accurately and will be admissible in court.

Black Box Data Analysis

Once the data is obtained from the device, it will be thoroughly analyzed by your legal team. Your lawyer will decipher the information, identify crucial details about your case, and use the evidence as appropriate in your truck accident claim. Every data point is scrutinized to identify patterns, anomalies, and contributing factors to the accident. This analysis may be a cornerstone in building a compelling case, providing objective evidence that can withstand scrutiny in negotiations with insurance companies or in court, if necessary.

Black Box Data Complements Other Forms of Evidence

Building a robust case is essential for securing a fair recovery if you've suffered truck accident injuries. The more evidence you gather, the stronger your position becomes. This evidence can include: 

  • Witness statements. Eyewitnesses provide firsthand accounts of the accident, offering perspectives that may uncover critical details not captured by other evidence.
  • Police reports. The officer who responded to the truck accident scene will prepare a report that will serve as official documentation of the crash. Typically, truck accident police reports outline essential information such as the parties involved, weather conditions, and initial assessments that can corroborate or supplement other evidence.
  • Surveillance footage. Video footage of your crash may be available in some cases. Video adds a visual dimension to the case, capturing the incident from different angles and providing a valuable layer of objectivity to the narrative.
  • Medical records. Your health care records establish the link between the accident and your injuries, offering a clear timeline of medical treatments and expenses and reinforcing the impact of the incident on your well-being.

Every piece of evidence contributes to the comprehensive understanding of the accident, bolstering your compensation claim.

Know What You're Fighting For: Fair Truck Accident Compensation

You and your Kansas City truck accident lawyer are building a strong case for a reason. If you've been seriously injured in a Kansas or Missouri truck wreck, you have the right to recover full compensation for things such as past, current, and future: 

  • Medical expenses. Health care costs may include hospital bills, rehabilitation costs, doctors' appointments, medications, surgeries, and other medical bills.
  • Property damage. Your vehicle may have been severely damaged in the crash, and your property damage may be part of your financial recovery.
  • Lost income. You may be unable to do the same or any job after a truck wreck. Your lost income could include past and future wages, benefits, bonuses, raises, or income from self-employment.
  • Pain and suffering. Your physical pain and emotional suffering may take a toll after the crash and should be compensated as part of your truck accident recovery.

Our goal is to get you the fair compensation you deserve. Black box data makes it difficult for insurance companies and defense attorneys to minimize or shift blame away from truck accident defendants. With concrete evidence, you have a stronger case and will be better positioned to demand full and fair compensation.

How a Kansas City Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help You Make a Fair Recovery

Our experienced Kansas City truck accident lawyers leverage their expertise to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

We Thoroughly Prepare Your Case

Navigating the legal intricacies of a truck accident case demands a comprehensive understanding of the law and the unique complexities surrounding commercial vehicle accidents. Our Kansas City truck accident lawyers meticulously investigate every aspect of your case, from gathering evidence like black box data to consulting with accident reconstruction experts. We are committed to preparing a compelling case that stands up to legal scrutiny.

We Negotiate With Insurance Companies

Negotiating with insurance companies can be a challenging and delicate process. Our experienced Kansas City truck accident lawyers are adept at engaging with insurance adjusters, leveraging the strength of your case and the evidence, including black box data, to secure a fair settlement. Our goal is to ensure that insurance companies recognize the full extent of your damages and compensate you appropriately.

We Advocate for Your Rights in Court

Our commitment to your fair recovery extends to the courtroom. Our Kansas City truck accident lawyers have a proven record of advocating for our clients in court. Armed with a deep understanding of the law and the specifics of your case, we present compelling arguments that underscore the liability of the responsible parties. Our vigorous advocacy ensures your rights are protected, and we tirelessly pursue the fair compensation you deserve.

In every phase of your truck accident case, from investigation to negotiation and courtroom advocacy, our Kansas City truck accident attorneys bring you a wealth of experience and dedication. We understand these cases' unique challenges and are committed to advocating for your fair compensation.