Dog Bites and Damages 

No one ever wants to get bit by a dog. The emotional and physical toll it puts on someone can be alarming. Dog bites or dog attacks can create serious medical problems, including punctures and lacerations, which often result in scarring. In addition to dealing with the trauma that a dog bite can cause, a victim may also have to pay unexpected medical bills which can be significant in some cases and especially if the dog bite victim does not have health insurance. Kansas and Missouri dog bite victims often ask how much money they can receive from a dog bite. The answer depends on a lot of different factors, and you most likely need an experienced dog bite attorney to investigate and assess your case. dog bite

Compensation in Missouri or Kansas dog bite cases include medical bills, wage losses, and pain and suffering. In most cases, medical bills in a dog bite are much less than the amount of medical bills in other types of personal injury cases because there is only so much you can do for a dog bite. While you may need to see an orthopedic surgeon, physical therapist, or chiropractor after being involved in a car wreck, you may only need to see your primary care provider or the emergency room to be stitched up in a dog bite case. However, we have found that the pain and suffering amounts usually awarded in a dog bite case are much higher than most other personal injury claims.

We Have Experience Settling Dog Bite Claims

Every case is judged differently but most of the time what really matters in a dog bite case is whether the scarring is permanent or not; how significant the scarring is; and where the scar is on the body. A dog bite case in Pettis County, Missouri was recently tried to a jury where the injured victim had a scar on her stomach from being bit by a dog and the victim did not even get stitches. A jury awarded her $66,000.00 of damages. Our team of lawyers at Foster Wallace, LLC has settled dog bite claims from anywhere from $12,000.00 to $500,000.00. If the scar is very minor and the facts are not very egregious than you are looking at less money in any potential settlement than if the facts are bad for the defense and the scarring is horrific. In a case we settled for $500,000.00, the defendant’s dog had previously attacked someone and bit our client’s face causing a lifelong scar on our client’s face and mouth. Our client also had to have multiple surgeries on her face done by a plastic surgeon.

Unlike car accidents where people have car insurance to protect them if they cause a wreck, a dog owner will need either homeowner’s insurance or renters’ insurance to pay for any damages to a dog bite victim. Unfortunately, if a dog owner does not have insurance or assets to satisfy any judgment that may be entered against them, there’s not much an attorney can do for a dog bite victim other than get them an uncollectible judgment, so it is very important for a lawyer to investigate whether the dog’s owner has any assets or insurance to satisfy any award.

Choosing the Right Lawyer for Your Dog Bite Case 

You should do some research on who has handled a fair amount of dog bite cases in the past may help you select the best possible dog bite attorney for your case. You should look to see what previous clients have said about their experience with their dog bite lawyer and the results that lawyer has received for their previous clients. You need a lawyer who has the skills, knowledge, and experience to get you the most compensation to which you are entitled for your dog bite injuries.

The Kansas City personal injury attorneys at Foster Wallace, LLC, have years of experience litigating dog bite cases. We are trained in both Kansas and Missouri dog bite laws and have won significant compensation for our clients and offer the personal attention that you deserve in your case.

If you have been attacked by a dog and have suffered injuries as a result, call the attorneys at Foster Wallace, LLC, for a free no-cost initial consultation to evaluate your case.

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