Accidents happen daily, and while some result in significant injuries and damages, others are seemingly minor, with few visible consequences. If you have recently been involved in what appears to be a minor accident, you might ask yourself, “Do I really need an attorney?” At Foster Wallace, LLC, a premier personal injury law firm in Kansas City, Missouri, we often hear this question, and the answer varies. Sometimes, you might not need one; other times, you should get an attorney involved.

Why Consider an Attorney for a Minor Accident?car accident lawyers kansas city

On the surface, minor car accidents might appear straightforward. You may think the damages are clear, liability is uncontested, and an insurance claim will adequately cover your losses. However, this is not always the case. Here's why you might consider hiring an attorney even for a minor accident:

1. Hidden Injuries

Not all accident injuries are immediately apparent. Conditions like whiplash or minor traumatic brain injuries can surface days or even weeks after an accident. An experienced attorney can advise you on necessary steps to protect your rights, even if injuries appear later.

2. Navigating Insurance Claims

Insurance companies aim to minimize payouts. They might offer a quick, low settlement hoping you will accept before realizing the full extent of your damages. We have too often seen people settle their claims without understanding the full extent of their injuries. An attorney can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, ensuring you receive fair compensation.

3. Protecting Your Rights

You might inadvertently admit fault or downplay your injuries, which can significantly impact your compensation. A personal injury attorney can guide you through the process, helping you avoid statements that could harm your claim.

How Foster Wallace, LLC Can Help

At Foster Wallace, LLC, our personal injury attorneys understand that even a minor accident can have major implications. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your rights are protected. We can help determine the true value of your claim, negotiate with insurance companies, and provide legal representation if your case goes to court.

We work on a contingency basis, meaning we only get paid if you do. This ensures you have access to legal advice and representation, regardless of the size of your claim.

While it may seem counterintuitive to hire an attorney for a minor accident, the legal landscape can be complex and challenging to navigate alone. Even seemingly minor accidents can have significant consequences, and having an attorney on your side can ensure you receive fair compensation.

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