Speaking With Reporters After a Car AccidentAfter a Car Accident

Every case is different. Under the right circumstances, it may be smart to talk to the press (or have your personal injury attorney talk to the press). But clients need to keep in mind that the other side (and sometimes that is the insurance company) will look for anything you (or your attorney) say so that they can use it against you. Even innocuous statements, like “I feel bad,” or “it is sad situation all around” may be used by the other side to stand for the proposition that you are taking some of the blame for the accident or wreck despite the fact that you meant something else (for instance: “I feel bad for her as she’s injured too…”). Injury victims need to quickly consider talking to an experienced personal injury attorney before they talk to the press or, at a minimum, have an attorney attend a press conference to give advice whether you should talk about what occurred and answer certain questions. We often advise clients if they have hired us to simply direct any questions they receive from the press to us for a statement.  

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