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State and federal laws require employers to treat their employees fairly. Employment laws ensure that the workplace is safe for all workers, that ill-treatment is not tolerated, and that any employees who break these laws are dealt with swiftly. Unfortunately, many employers—from large corporations to start-ups and family-owned businesses—will ignore these rules, valuing their profits or reputations ahead of their workers. When this happens, our Kansas City employment law attorneys stand by employees and make certain their rights are protected.

Our Kansas City Employment Law Attorneys Fight Against Discrimination and Harassment 

Foster Wallace, LLC represents employees across all industries and employment levels who have suffered ill-treatment at the hands of a manager, coworker, or employer. Our history working for large firms has given us experience dealing with CEOs and shareholders and the skills to negotiate fair compensation for mistreatment. We protect your privacy as we navigate sensitive and complex matters in your case, allowing you to move on to the next phase of your career with a sense of justice and closure.

Our Employment Law Attorneys advocate for employees who have been subject to:

  • Discrimination. Employment discrimination occurs when an employee or a group of employees is treated differently because of their race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, disability, or age. Illegal discrimination can take many forms, including wrongful termination, differences in pay, unfair work assignments, employee misclassification, passing over for promotion, transfers to different work locations or job descriptions, illegal hiring practices, unfair testing, or denial of benefits. If you have experienced discrimination, we will investigate the circumstances to ensure that your employer takes responsibility.

  • Hostile work environment. While a company or employer may not have discriminated against an employee directly, the employer can be liable for workplace harassment. If a supervisor or coworker has made the work environment hostile due to another employee’s race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, age, or reporting illegal work conditions or practices, both the company and offending employee may share liability for harassment.

  • Sexual harassment. Sexual harassment, including demands for sexual contact, unwanted touching, sexual advances or propositions, sexual bribery, or offensive jokes or pictures in the workplace, is prohibited by Kansas, Missouri, and federal laws. We can determine whether your employer took the necessary steps to investigate the complaint and question or discipline the offending the employee. With our help, you can ensure that the harassment does not happen again.

  • Retaliation. Employees have a protected right to report any discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying, or illegal work practices to their employer so that these conditions can be corrected. However, some employers choose to cover up the problem by taking action against the reporting employee. Companies who demote, reassign, or even fire individuals for filing a complaint of discrimination, participating in an investigation against the company, or reporting illegal conduct can be held accountable for their actions, including the reinstatement of the employee with back wages.

  • Whistleblower claims. It is every employee’s right to report illegal activity on the part of an employee, manager, supervisor, or company. If you have been retaliated against for reporting fraud or illegal activity, you may be entitled to legal protection under whistleblower legislation and other laws.

  • Gender discrimination. Women in the workforce are regularly mistreated on the basis of their gender, suffering lower pay, fewer benefits, and more missed opportunities than their male counterparts. We can determine whether an employer is liable for many forms of discrimination in the workplace, such as wrongful termination or reassignment, failure to receive promotions or pay raises, and discrimination of pregnant workers.

  • Wage and hour disputes. Federal and state laws require employers to meet certain wage and break requirements, including paying minimum wage, ensuring that employees are given meal and rest breaks, paying the correct overtime rate, and prohibiting off-the-clock work. If you were not given an itemized wage statement or were denied adequate compensation for your work, you may be entitled to back pay.

Have You Experienced Employment Discrimination in Kansas City?

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