When you have been injured by someone and need to be compensated for your injuries, you want the best attorney for your case. You want an attorney who is experienced, trustworthy, and responsive to your needs. You want an attorney who serves you. You want Foster Wallace.

At Foster Wallace, our entire focus is client service. We are fully invested in your case from start to finish. When we meet with you for a free consultation, we speak with you personally, understand your case completely, and we always give you honest advice that you can trust. We want to serve you.

We Are Experienced Litigators

We have gained experience at some of the biggest law firms in the state and have sharpened our skills practicing law with many of the most effective lawyers in the country. Our experience has helped us to win landmark cases for our clients. We are experienced at every stage of litigation and provide complete and competent representation to every client. We are as experienced at negotiating and settling cases in our clients favor as we are litigating cases in court to obtain positive financial outcomes. We use our experience to serve you.

We Earn Your Trust

We understand that you may have had a bad experience with another lawyer in the past and may be hesitant to retain another one now. We understand, and we know we must earn your trust. That is why we use our experience to serve our clients in the community who are facing a difficult time because of an accident, injury, or other legal issue. We want to use our experience to help you through this stressful time in your life.

We will always give you honest advice. Most likely, we have already experienced whatever legal issue you are confronting. But if your case involves an issue that requires specialized expertise, we will consult with the leading expert so we can best serve your needs in the case. We earn your trust by serving you.

We Are Responsive to Your Needs

Unlike many law firms where you are just a number, we respond promptly and personally to all your needs. We are here to listen to your story, provide you honest advice, see that you are compensated appropriately, and guide you through this challenging episode in your life. We do not just “represent” you when your case is ready for court. We are with you, personally, every step of the way. We are always accessible to you and we respond to you quickly. We keep you involved and updated on all developments in your case. And we do not require any fees unless we win your case. We are here to serve you.

How Can Our Dedicated Team Serve You?

It can be stressful trying to find an experienced attorney who you can trust to be there for you every time you need them. At Foster Wallace, we remove that stress, because our entire focus is on client service. If you are becoming overwhelmed trying to find the right attorney for you, please contact us and schedule a free consultation. We truly want to help you. If we do not think we can help you in your particular case, we will tell you that honestly. However, we are confident not only that we can help you, but that you will see a difference in how we serve you.