We at Foster Wallace know that when you are in a car accident—whether it is a small “fender-bender” or a major collision—you may not realize that you suffered injuries in the accident, so you may not feel the need to seek medical attention. However, there are many common car accident injuries that do not present obvious symptoms right away. These are injuries such as:

  • Whiplash
  • Head trauma
  • Soft tissue ligament damage
  • Internal bleeding

Car accident victims often misinterpret these injuries as normal headaches or soreness that will soon go away. But these injuries can be fatal if not treated.

If you are in any kind of car accident, we at Foster Wallace urge you to seek medical attention right away, even if you don’t think you need a doctor. You need to be sure you are not overlooking a delayed injury that could get worse or even be fatal if not treated immediately.

Get the Medical Attention You Need

Our personal injury attorneys understand that sometimes after a car crash you may know that you have been injured or that something just doesn’t feel right, but you feel you must forego medical attention because you don’t have health insurance. We understand that feeling. But you should not let that prevent you from receiving the medical attention you need.

Our personal injury attorneys can help you work through the complex issues that affect your physical and financial well-being after an auto accident. We will work with your doctors and other service providers to see that you receive the medical care and treatment you deserve. And we will fight to make sure you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries, so that you can quickly return to your normal life.

Medical Records Are Necessary for Your Case

We understand that it is not always easy to seek medical treatment right away. After an accident, you are traumatized and disoriented, your adrenalin rises and makes it difficult to feel your injuries, there are police on the scene, your car is damaged—we know it is difficult to think clearly at that time. But in addition to your own health and safety, there are other reasons you should not wait to seek medical treatment.

First, it is critical to your financial recovery that you associate any injuries you sustained in the accident to the accident. So if you do not seek medical attention right away but then experience the onset of delayed injuries several days later and only then seek treatment, the other party who was at fault likely will claim that any pain or injuries you are now experiencing happened only after the accident. They will claim that, therefore, they should not have to compensate you for injuries that they did not cause. However, if you seek medical attention right away, a medical professional may determine that any subsequent pain is associated with the trauma you sustained in the crash.

Second, it is important that you document from the very beginning all of your injuries, treatments, medical appointments, rehabilitation visits, medicines, and any other expenses you incur as a result of the accident. Because of relatively recent changes in Missouri law, in a statute called the “collateral source rule,” documenting everything associated with the accident can impact the type of evidence you may present to a court to demonstrate your “actual cost of medical care or treatment.”

Our personal injury attorneys are experienced at handling all of these issues and we want to help. If you are in a car crash, be sure to seek medical attention right away, even if you are not sure if you are injured. Your physical and financial recovery may depend on it.

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