Denied Insurance Company ClaimsDenied Car Accident Claims

Insurance companies are looking for any excuse to deny your claim because their number one priority is their bottom line. They make money by collecting premiums from their policyholders and then not paying injured victims fairly. One of the strongest weapons that helps them find reasons to deny the claims of people injured in car accidents is the recorded statement from the injured person. Anything you say about your actions that could have contributed to the accident or about your health history before the accident can be used against you as a reason to pay you less, or even not to pay you anything at all. The best way to avoid this problem is to not give a recorded statement to the insurance company by yourself.

By getting a car accident lawyer involved in your case early on, you have someone on your side who knows just what you need to say to get you a fair settlement and be on that call with the insurance company to protect your rights. Consulting a personal injury lawyer early and having him or her give a recorded statement to the insurance company on your behalf could be the key to getting the matter resolved and avoiding a time-consuming lawsuit.

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