Jackknife Truck Crash

Our Kansas City Truck Accident Lawyer Shares Tips for Pursuing Damages After a Jackknife Crash

Car accidents can range in severity, but few are as catastrophic as jackknife truck crashes tend to be. In Kansas City, these collisions leave a trail of destruction, affecting not only the trucker but also innocent victims in their path. From the causes and potential injuries to the daunting aftermath, understanding the impact of such accidents is essential. Thankfully, legal assistance from Foster Wallace, LLC can provide guidance and support in navigating the complex aftermath of a jackknife truck crash in Kansas City.

What is a Jackknife Truck Crash?

A jackknife truck crash occurs when a large truck, such as a tractor-trailer or semi-truck, skids, and the truck’s trailer swings out to form a 90-degree angle with the cab. This resembles the folding action of a jackknife and often happens when the truck's wheels lose traction, causing the trailer to swing uncontrollably. 

Jackknife accidents can be extremely dangerous because they often involve multiple vehicles. These types of accidents can cause catastrophic injuries or fatalities due to the extreme size and weight of the truck and trailer combination.

Even the most defensive drivers can be vulnerable when faced with a jackknife truck crash. The sudden and unpredictable nature of these accidents leaves little room for evasion, and even vehicles at a safe distance can be caught in the chaos. It’s not just motorists at risk, either; pedestrians, cyclists, and nearby structures are also susceptible to the devastating impact of a jackknife truck crash. The sheer force and momentum of the truck and trailer combination can cause widespread damage and pose a significant threat to others in the area.

Why Jackknife Truck Accidents Occur

Jackknife truck accidents can stem from a variety of factors, often involving a combination of driver error, adverse weather conditions, and mechanical failures. One common cause is sudden braking or overcorrection by the truck driver, especially when faced with obstacles or hazards on the road. Slippery road surfaces, such as wet or icy conditions, can significantly reduce traction, increasing the likelihood of the truck losing control and jackknifing.

Poorly maintained or malfunctioning brakes, tires, or other mechanical components can also contribute to jackknife accidents. Inadequate training or fatigue among truck drivers may impair their judgment and reaction times, making them more susceptible to losing control of their vehicles. Factors such as speeding, distracted driving, and improper loading of cargo can further exacerbate the risk of a jackknife accident.

Injuries Associated with Jackknife Truck Accidents

The aftermath of a jackknife truck accident can lead to various injuries, varying in severity from minor to life-threatening. Common injuries sustained in jackknife truck accidents include:

Whiplash and Neck Injuries

The abrupt and forceful movement of vehicles involved in a jackknife accident can cause whiplash and neck strain, leading to pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

Head trauma is a significant concern in truck accidents, as occupants of smaller vehicles are particularly vulnerable to head injuries upon impact. TBIs can range from concussions to more severe injuries with long-term consequences.

Spinal Cord Injuries

The sudden and violent jolting motion of a jackknife accident can result in spinal cord injuries, leading to paralysis or permanent impairment.

Fractures and Broken Bones

The sheer force of impact in a jackknife accident can cause bones to fracture or break, affecting limbs, ribs, pelvis, and other parts of the body.

Internal Injuries

Blunt force trauma from the collision can cause internal injuries, leading to damage to organs such as the lungs, liver, spleen, or kidneys, which may require immediate medical attention.

Burns and Lacerations

In some cases, jackknife accidents may cause fires or explosions, leading to burns and lacerations for those involved.

Psychological Trauma

Experiencing a traumatic truck accident, observing injuries, or suffering the loss of close ones can have a profound emotional impact, potentially leading to psychological issues like anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Psychological trauma from accidents can have a significant effect on victims, leading to physical discomfort, emotional turmoil, financial strain, and potential long-term disabilities. Seeking prompt medical attention and legal assistance from a Kansas City truck accident lawyer is crucial for ensuring proper diagnosis, treatment, and compensation for all injuries sustained.

What to Do After a Jackknife Truck Crash

It’s easy to panic when you’re unsure of what steps to take after a truck crash. The first priority after a jackknife truck crash is to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the accident. Move to a safe location away from traffic if possible, and turn on your hazard lights to alert others on the road to the accident scene. Do a quick assessment of yourself and others for injuries and seek medical attention immediately for anyone in need. Even if injuries seem minor, getting a medical evaluation is essential since some injuries may not be immediately apparent.

Report the accident to local law enforcement and call emergency medical services to request assistance. Police officers will document the scene, gather information, and file an official report, which may be crucial for insurance claims and legal proceedings.

It is important to exchange contact and insurance information with the truck driver and any other involved parties. Obtain details such as license plate numbers, driver's license information, vehicle registration, and insurance policy numbers. Take photographs of the crash scene, including vehicle damage, skid marks, road conditions, and any visible injuries. Obtain witness statements and contact information for anyone who saw the collision, if possible.

Refrain from making any statements or admitting fault at the accident scene, as this could be used against you later. Stick to factual information when interacting with law enforcement and insurance representatives. Contact our experienced Missouri truck accident lawyer to understand your rights and legal options. A lawyer can help protect your interests, negotiate with insurers, and help you pursue compensation for your injuries, damages, and losses.

Compensation for Jackknife Truck Accident Victims

Depending on the circumstances that led to your accident, you may be entitled to compensation. The truck driver, their employer, the truck manufacturer, and other parties may be held liable for the damages and injuries resulting from the jackknife truck accident. Compensation for jackknife truck accident victims may include:

Medical Expenses

Compensation includes coverage for medical bills, including emergency room treatment, hospitalization, surgeries, medication, rehabilitation, and ongoing medical care for accident-related injuries.

Lost Wages

You might be eligible to receive compensation for lost wages resulting from time off work while recuperating from injuries incurred in the accident. This compensation can cover both temporary and permanent disabilities that impact your future capacity to work.

Pain and Suffering

Compensation covers the physical suffering, emotional pain, and mental distress caused by the accident and its resulting injuries. This may include compensation for diminished quality of life, loss of enjoyment, and psychological trauma.

Property Damage

You could recover costs for repairing or replacing damaged vehicles, personal belongings, and property affected by the accident, including vehicle repair costs, rental car expenses, and towing fees.

Wrongful Death

If the jackknife truck accident resulted in the death of a loved one, family members may be entitled to compensation for burial and funeral expenses, loss of financial support, loss of companionship, and other damages through a wrongful death claim.

How Our Kansas City Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

To pursue compensation for your losses and damages, it's important to consult with an experienced Kansas City truck accident lawyer who can assess the specifics of your case, gather evidence, and advocate on your behalf. The skilled attorneys at Foster Wallace, LLC will work tirelessly to protect your legal rights, negotiate with insurance companies, and pursue maximum compensation for your injuries and losses resulting from the jackknife truck accident.

After a catastrophic truck crash, it takes time to recover and recuperate from the injuries and psychological trauma. An experienced truck accident lawyer can reduce the stress of dealing with complex legal procedures and insurance companies, giving you time to focus on your health and well-being. By enlisting the help of our skilled and dedicated lawyer, you can level the playing field against powerful insurance companies and pursue the full and fair compensation you need to rebuild your life after a devastating jackknife truck accident.

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