Missouri Drivers LicenseThe state of Missouri does not prohibit someone from driving at a certain age. However, Missouri requires drivers 70 and older to renew their licenses every three years and accepts requests from family members and others for the Missouri Department of Revenue to conduct unsafe driver investigations. If you believe that another driver may be unable to operate a motor vehicle safely and responsibly, you can submit a form to the Missouri Driver’s License Bureau in Jefferson City at: https://dor.mo.gov/forms/4319.pdf

Missouri drivers between the ages 21 to 69 must renew their driver’s license every six years whereas drivers under 21 must, like drivers over 70, renew every three years. If you submit a form with the belief that another driver is unable to operate a motor vehicle, the Missouri Director of Revenue may require the driver to take certain medical, vision, or driving tests. The information in that report will be confidential, unless released by a court order.

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