It is a violation of federal law for any employer to discriminate against an employee on the basis of race, gender, religion, origin, age, and many other constitutionally protected interests. It may be a violation of state law to discriminate against an employee in the context of hiring and employment-related activities. Every state has its own laws regarding workplace discrimination. Despite the increase of stricter federal and state laws, however, employment discrimination continues to be a national problem.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC’s) Enforcement & Litigation Charge Statistics, since 1997, employees have filed nearly two million complaints against employers. The total number of charges filed in 2019 was 72,675. These charges involved ten different bases of discrimination:

  • Race (33%)
  • Sex (32.4%)
  • National origin (9.6%)
  • Religion (3.7%)
  • Color (4.7%)
  • Retaliation (generally) (53.8%)
  • Retaliation (Title VII) (Civil Rights Act) (41.4%)
  • Age (21.4%)
  • Disability (33.4%)
  • Equal pay (1.5%)

This does not include complaints filed with state or local Fair Employment Practices Agencies. Even more, there are countless violations that are not reported.

If you have been the victim of employment discrimination, our employment law attorneys can help you protect your rights in the workplace.

Protect Your Rights In The Workplace

Many employees who feel that they are being discriminated against, sexually harassed, or subjected to a hostile work environment, do not report their experiences to the EEOC or to their Human Relations department, manager, or co-workers. Often, victims feel that if they make a report, no one will listen, they will be retaliated against, or they will lose their job. Based on the statistics indicated above, it is understandable that a victim might feel this way. However, Foster Wallace is a safe place for you to tell your story and to begin the process of protecting your rights at your place of employment. There are shorter statute of limitations for employment claims than personal injury claims in both Kansas and Missouri so it is critical that you move quickly after you experience a discriminatory act in the workplace.

Our Employment Law Attorneys Are Here To Help

If you feel that you have been a victim of employment discrimination, please contact us at Foster Wallace and tell us your story in a safe environment, with no fear of retaliation at work. Our experienced employment law attorneys will listen to you and carefully assess your circumstances at work to determine if you have a strong case. Even if you decide not to pursue litigation, we can help you find resources that will enable you to protect your rights at the workplace. Contact Foster Wallace today to learn more about your options for getting help.