Tens of thousands of people experience driving along the I-70 or the I-35 every day in Kansas City, and regrettably, accidents are all too frequent. Given the frequent high speeds involved, interstate accidents frequently result in severe repercussions, making safety the top priority.

Foster Wallace, LLC's team has provided the following six essential recommendations to keep you safe on Missouri's Interstates:highway safety

1. Settle in and Buckle Up!

Even though it can seem extremely simple, wearing a seatbelt can make all the difference in the world in the event of an accident. According to studies, seatbelts save roughly 15,000 lives every year, and about half of passengers who pass away in auto accidents were not wearing their seatbelts. Always wear your seatbelt, regardless of how quickly you are moving.

2. Obey the Posted Speed Limit!

Although it may be tempting to drive at a high rate of speed on an open interstate, speed limits are in place for your protection. One of the main factors in traffic collisions is speeding. At Foster Wallace, we believe that getting there a little late is preferable to not getting there at all. So please obey the posted speed limit.

3. Keep Enough Distance Behind the Car in Front of You

On the interstate, stopping takes longer due to the high speeds involved. If the car in front loses control or if traffic suddenly stops, tailgating can result in crashes. As a general rule, keep a distance that gives you at least three seconds to stop completely.

4. Observe and Respect Other Motorists

Motorcycles and big semi-trucks are just a few of the vehicles that use the interstate. It is crucial to pay attention to these cars' movements and use caution when changing lanes or making other maneuvers. Make sure there are no vehicles in your blind spot before making any moves.

5. Take Breaks as Necessary

As dangerous as drunk driving is sleepy driving. It's critical to take regular rests on long journeys to prevent mishaps brought on by weariness. If you are driving with passengers, switch off. If you're alone, take breaks to relax in secure areas. Always put your safety first.

6. After an Accident, Always Exit Your Vehicle Quickly 

In the unfortunate event that you are in an accident but are not gravely hurt, cautiously exit your car. Move the car off the road if you can. Wait for emergency personnel if you are unable to get out of the car or move it. We have unfortunately seen to many clients who were involved in a second wreck that resulted in a serious injury after an initial wreck because they did not properly move their car out of harm’s way.

Despite the best efforts, interstate accidents can and do occur. You are not alone if you or a loved one are injured in an accident in Missouri. Foster Wallace, LLC's staff is here to make sure you get the advocacy you are due. If you have unfortunately been in a wreck on a Missouri highway, you can contact us at 816.249.2101 or use our online form to start a free case review right away.

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