An injury on someone else’s property can cause significant medical bills, lost income, and even permanent disability. Our library articles guide victims and their families after a slip or fall, including the steps they need to take to hold a property owner responsible for their losses.

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  • Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuits Do not let worrying about your medical bills after a slip and fall in Kansas City drive you bananas; contact a slip & fall lawyer & find a practical solution.
  • Slip and Fall Case Evidence Winning your slip & fall case depends on your ability to prove that your injuries & their associated financial losses are because of the defendant’s negligence.
  • Slip and Fall Cases You can recover damages for your injuries with the help of a Kansas City slip and fall lawyer. Contact Foster Wallace, LLC for a free consultation.
  • "Wet Floor" Signage In slip & fall cases, in addition to showing injury, the key element that you must prove to hold a property owner liable for any injuries you may have suffered
  • What Is the Missouri Dram Shop Law? If you are injured because of the actions of someone who was over served alcohol at a bar or nightclub, you may be able to recover damages.